Disaster Management [Web Portal + Android App]

The Disaster Management Project was made in a hackathon named CodeShastra. CodeShastra is an annual hackathon conducted in our college Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering. We had an option to from three given topics: Aid for Disabled, Disaster Management, Welfare for Farmers. And so we choose the disaster management project. This disaster management project is made to manage the disaster better using software technologies. We were only allowed to make a software solution in this 24 Hackathon. So we challenged ourselves to create a fully working web portal as well as an android application.


Why Disaster Management?

When we started researching about all the above-given topics we found out that in any disaster situation, a lot of people die and much more are severely injured. But a statistical study found out that most people who are victims of a disaster do not die because of the disaster’s first impact. Most of them die after some time because they were not rescued and treated in short time. The ratio given was 6/4 for people surviving the first impact and then dying to(/) people dying instantly. So it made so much sense. We know that we cannot stop a disaster. But at least we can help those 60% people who can still be alive after the disaster has happened.

Like for a case, we can take the Gujarat Earthquakes example that occurred in 2002. In this earthquake, 12000+ people had died. So if we use our above ratio, we see that we can save like 7200+ people if instant action and proper rescue is conducted.


1. Missing/Lost Person Directory

This feature allows common users to register missing/lost person. According to many articles we read, it is very hard for the victims to find their relatives or family persons after a disaster. So we decided to make a directory for that. A common user can easily register a missing person on our web portal.

2. Dead Body Suggestion

This feature suggests the common users about various dead bodies that are found by the rescue team but that are unidentified. The suggestions works based on information given by the common user and information given by the rescure team. The suggestion matcher will check height, skin color, belongings and gender to predict whether the missing registration is matching with a dead body that was found.

3. Remote Ringing

This feature allows the administrator to ring all the user’s mobile phones. When a rescue team reaches an earthquake situation, they have no idea about where a person might be stuck within the debris. So this ringing of phones allows the rescue team to locate people that are stuck with the debris. If more people are stuck below some part of debris, the ringing would be louder. This will guide the rescue team to the right spot.

4. SOS

This feature allows a user to post an SOS message to users that are near him. It is obvious that the SOS will be sent to our emergency number (100 in India). The message will be sent to some guardians also. But these people won’t be the one who will reach to help you first. The people who can help you in shortest time span is the guy who is currently near you. So we send this SOS message to people who are nearest to you also. The message consist of information like you name, age, gender, phone number and current location of your phone.

5. Rescue Location Finder

6. Donation Centers Finder

(Above two features were not explained because they are self-explanatory)

Because this was a hackathon project and we had only 24 hours to build it, our 1st priority was to build the functional part. That’s why the UI is ignored


Part 1: Web Portal

This web portal is a place for two types of users: Administrator and Common Users. The administrator’s job is to add information about various things related the disaster.

The most important information to be added is the location of the disaster. As soon as the location is added for a disaster, all the phones in that location within a radius of 2 KM will start ringing at full volume. Other features are like view donation centers, view rescue centers and see suggestions for missing peoples. The administrator can add these donation centers, rescue centers, disaster location and add found dead bodies into a directory.

Part 2: Android Application

This android application is used to send SOS message to other users near you. It will also receive notifications of other users SOS messages if someone really needs help. It can receive messages from the administrator. If an area is declared as a disaster area, then the phone who is in that app will start ringing. The ringing will be at full volume so everyone even of he is far away can listen to the sound.


We have used PHP, MySQL for the backend part of the web portal. The frontend part was made using HTML, Javascript, and CSS. The Android Application was made using Android SDK and Android Studio as IDE. For pushing notifications to the android app users, we used Firebase Messaging. The API’s used JSON Format for communication between Android App and Web Server.


For more information, you can contact me anytime.

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