Facebook Birthday Wisher

Facebook Birthday Wisher

Facebook Birthday Wisher as the name suggests a simple python script which will wish all the friends who have their Birthdays Today.

Note: This script will wish your friends on private message and not on their Wall.


GitHub Project Repository: FB Birthday Wisher



  • Pickle Library
  • Beautiful Soup Library
  • Requests Library
  • Termcolor Library


How To Use

First, clone the repository to your machine using the below command git clone https://github.com/adityathakker/Facebook-Birthday-Wisher.git

After you have cloned the repository to your machine, open the run.py file in any code editor and enter your email address and password. That’s It!.

You can now execute the run.py file and it will automatically login to your Facebook account and wish all the people who have Birthdays Today.

You can even change the birthday greeting that will be sent to your friends. Just open the BirthdayWisher.py file and go to line 284 to change the greeting from “Happy Birthday” to whatever you want.


How I Use It

I have added this script to Startup Applications in my machine. So whenever I start my laptop, it will send the birthday greetings to those who their birthdays. And don’t worry, it won’t send birthday greetings twice on the same day if you start your machine twice.

Now you don’t have to Wish everyone daily on Facebook. 😀


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November 8, 2016


  1. Yamini

    I am using your script for a week and it was working fine but from 2 days i am getting error like ” comments = code.findAll(text=lambda text: isinstance(text, Comment))
    AttributeError: ‘str’ object has no attribute ‘findAll'”. but if i use my friend’s facebook account it works fine. please give me a solution.

    • Aditya Thakker

      Hey, Yamini!
      I think you are getting this error because no one has their birthday when this script was executed.
      Anyways, the script should not stop if no one has a birthday today. So will be updating it accordingly.

      Thanks for bringing this to attention.

      Aditya Thakker


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