Online Judge Submitter

Online Judge Submitter

It is a simple Online Judge Submitter Python Program. I made this project to simplify the process of submitting code to online judges like CodeChef. If I want to submit my solution to any of the CodeChef’s problem, I have to go there problems page, click on submit button, copy and paste code, select the language, again click on submit button and then wait for a while to get the result. And it’s not that I have to do it only once. I the solution was wrong, then I have correct my code and submit it again. I hate it when I have to do the same thing again and again. So one day, I decided to make this program that will do all these steps for me in a single go.


Note: Right now, the program only works on CodeChef, but soon I will be updating it to support other Online Judges.


GitHub Project Repository: Online Judge Submitter


How To Use

Once you have cloned the repository to your machine, go to the repositories directory and execute script.

It will ask you for Username and Password of Codechef.

If username and password are valid, then it will ask for Problem Code and the path to the Solution file(with extension).

Finally, it will let you choose the language in which you want to submit.

Once all this it entered, it will automatically submit the solution to the Online Judge and will display the output.



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September 18, 2016

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