Remind Me

Remind Me

This is a simple WYSIWYG python program made to remind users about the tasks that are needed to be completed. Nothing more than that. Simple and Productive. I created it for myself almost 2 months ago. Last week I uploaded in on GitHub. And that’s why I am sharing this project with others. I know this is not a very hard project to implement but it helped me learn some new things and is still helping me remember stuff which I am very bad at. 


GitHub Project Repository: Remind Me


How To Install

Go to the above GitHub link and just clone the repository to your machine. Go the downloaded files directory and execute the



How To Use

Once you have executed file, you can use command “remindme” in your terminal to add reminders to the list of reminders.

Example: remindme “To mail Arya Stark”



How I Use It

I have added this program to my startup applications so that it reminds me to do tasks that are pending, every time my laptop boots as shown in the below image. 



If you want to contribute to this project fork it on Github or have any valuable feedback for me, comment below. 



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September 15, 2016

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