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About Me

Hello, I’m Aditya.Ā 

Born in 1996 at Mumbai, India. I love making and breaking things from my childhood. And that surely reflected in my career selection. Computer Science have always fascinated me since I was 14 and it still does. That’s why I am still stuck here šŸ˜› . Since then I have studied and worked on several personal and academic projects that have help me grow exponentially. I have experienced being part of a team who designed and developed a new E-Learning System for Indian Schools. Then also worked as a Research Intern at Language Technologies Research Center, IIIT Hyderabad. Finally, I have also worked on Computer Vision Systems for Automated Traffic Violation Ticketing at IIT Bombay.Ā 

I’m not a big fan of redundancy and I like to automatizeĀ things which consume my time on a highly frequent basis. Apart from this, I like to read books, play and watch the Sport of Cricket, and roam around on the internet looking for the next interesting thing I can find to read or work on.Ā 

Some of My Articles

Life and Mumbai Locals

I have been a Mumbai Locals traveler for almost 6 years now and yesterday at 2:45 PM, I rode onto my last train journey from Vile Parle Station to Mulund Station. This was the last journey I say because tomorrow I am leaving India for the United States to pursue a...

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Introduction to Word2Vec & How it Works

In this post, I will be giving the readers an Introduction to Word2Vec. We will first see What are Vector Space Models and then we will dive into Word Embeddings. The aim of this post is to understand Word2Vec model which is a neural word...

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Life and Gradient Descent

Fig. Life Lessons from Gradient Descent Itā€™s been a long time since I was introduced to the Gradient Descent algorithm. Basically, gradient descent is an algorithm in optimization theory which helps us find out the most optimal solution to a function. It is based on a...

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